First ever blog post

So, I made a blog for my university project this year!

And you’re reading the first ever post! To reiterate the general point of this blog: in order to fulfil my new years resolution (I wanna watch a film from every country applicable, but it might take more than a year, bear with me I’m easily distracted) I’m going to be watching a film from a different country each week, hopefully. Ultimately I do want to use these films as an opportunity to learn about the country, but a few will just be things I’ve wanted to watch for a while.

Since I only have until April (my hand in date) to get through as much as the globe as possible, I’ll be starting with 4 films from each continent (excluding Antarctica). I do have a few ideas for what I’ll cover for Europe and Asia so far, and you can keep track of what I’ll be watching here on my Letterboxd, but I am completely open to any suggestions that you have from your countries. Will be posting once a week(ish), starting this weekend. Any questions, you know where to find me!


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