Free, no-strings-attached World Cinema?!

So something really odd just happened.

You know how everything that’s good and free has some kind of string attached? Netflix 30 day free trial is all well and good until you’ve used every card and email address you can muster. Amazon prime free student trial is all well and good until it takes  £70 out of your account before the trial’s up causing you to panic and be poor until it’s refunded.

Apparently, this is not one of those occasions. An ad came up on the side of my Facebook feed advertising free art house/world cinema for university students, and I clicked on it thinking it meant literal cinema tickets and there would be a load of ridiculous conditions I’d have to meet for it. But nope. When I clicked on it this appeared:



As instructed, I entered my email address, expecting to be redirected to confirm that I am, in fact, a university student. But nope, within seconds I received this email welcoming me:


My mind is a little blown I have to say. How did they know I was a university student? I don’t know. How are they uploading new free films to watch every week? I don’t know. Will i continue to torrent films? Of course. But this is a nice gesture right? For those of you who don’t torrent/anyone who is as intrigued as I am by all of this, I’ll leave the link below Edit: I think it only works if you live in the UK, sorry everybody else!!



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